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Artist Statement

I am fascinated by contrasts – hard/ soft, rough/ smooth, translucent/ opaque, ephemeral/ permanent. Porcelain is the perfect medium to explore these opposites: it ranges from soft and malleable in its raw form, to strong yet brittle and thus fragile after firing. It can be almost transparent or completely obscure, and when lit from behind it appears to glow with an inner life.

Living in beachside Sydney inspires everything I make and do. I incorporate many different techniques into my hand-built porcelain vessels, marking them with the ochres and blacks of the eroded volcanic and sandstone landscape in my nerikomi series. The gentle blues of the ocean and sky appear in the land, sea and sky series, while the bleached grasses, seaweeds and ferns that I find on my coastal walks emerge in my Holding Light series. 


Most of my work is hand-built from porcelain. I love the fact that light is able to glow through the material. In a similar vein I add pigments to my clay so the colour runs all the way through it and is not confined to its surface. It's a fascination with trying to understand what lies behind the exterior that we see and show to the world.

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