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Living in beachside Sydney influences everything I make and do. The rugged, eroded seaside cliffs and the way the ancient volcanic lava has flowed through the sandstone, creating layers of differently coloured of sands and rocks is an endless source of fascination and inspiration. In my nerikomi series I have attempted to express this striated oceanic landscape.

A little about Nerikomi (also known as Nerikome)...
Nerikomi was originally developed in Japan. The technique uses differently coloured clays which are rolled out, extruded and manipulated, then layered and sliced many times over. This produces blocks of clay - known as canes - with beautiful designs running through them. The canes are cut vertically to reveal their patterned cross-sections and these slices are joined together like a 3-dimensional jigsaw, creating vessels where the colour penetrates all the way through the walls. The patterns are a combination of meticulous planning and surprise, when a cane is sliced and the pattern revealed.

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