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Holding Light

I am fascinated by contrasts – hard/ soft, ephemeral/ permanent, transparent/ opaque, rough/ smooth. Porcelain is the perfect medium for my exploration of these opposites, as it can be translucent or opaque, and when lit from behind it appears to glow with an inner life. 

My Holding Light series is about translucency - holding light, or not.

Translucency is something that has always interested me.

These delicate, textured vessels are less than 0.5mm thick in some parts and 3mm thick in others. Light is able to pierce through both the porcelain, and the negative spaces.

Each piece is hand-built from coils of a porcelain blend that I have developed after years of research and trial-and-error. They are incredibly light to hold and being vitrified porcelain, are surprisingly strong.

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